"Sacred time is time devoted to the heart, to the self, to others, to eternity. Sacred time is not measured in minutes, hours or days. Sacred time, like Sacred space, is necessary for our wellbeing, but Sacred time has grown increasingly difficult to find"

-Gary Eberle, Sacred time and the search for meaning

We organise meetings, training sessions and trips on which time can stand still.

Sometimes you want time to stand still. So that the daily worries are kept at bay and the things that matter can get to the surface: connection, contemplation, deep listening. We call it Sacred time. Sacred time is not measured in minutes, hours or days and is necessary for our wellbeing. We believe people should have more Sacred time. We create it, guard it and celebrate it. And we invite you to do the same.

Why Sacred Time?

Nynke: Making room for substantial growth and development in encounters with others. That is what drives me. I believe that change and transformation is a joint process, which can best take place in connection with each other. With Sacred Time I make room for that, space and time. Time that is not about the daily things, not about what has to happen tomorrow, nor the time of the clock, but time in which we can go into depth. Time in which we can experience connection, dedicate ourselves to what really matters. In the activities of Sacred Time I work together with Annemieke Verhoeff and Jeroen Vermeer.

Rite of Passage Methodology

In our trips and training events we work with the Rite of Passage method. A framework of steps distilled from rites of passage of indigenous peoples adapted to today’s world. In steps it leads you through a transformation process in which you can let go of the old and embrace the new. It is a process that can bring about a lot, generates a lot of personal growth and is carefully guided. We work with the Method developed at the Rite of Passage Insitute in Australia.


Quotes from customers

"Nynke, Annemieke and Jeroen create a safe space in which you can be yourself and show yourself the way you are. If you feel called to enter into this rite of passage training, you can trust that you will be with fine people and that you are in good hands."
"If you want to reflect on the bigger issues in your life and make choices that will affect the rest of your life, this is a great way to do so. And it doesn't feel like a trick, something really changes, there is a clear before and after."
"Words that were applicable to me; additional perspective on your history / family of origin, awareness, being open to / attentive to, talking, experiencing, giving meaning to."

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