Rites of passage in the Sinai Desert

Do you want to create space, time to reflect on where you stand and where you want to go? Then come out into the desert with us. There you can really relax and set new things in motion for yourself. With Rites of Passage: the ancient way to mark your change, but in a modern way. Within the powerful and safe space of a group of people.


A challenging, liberating experience


The desert; if you want to consciously think about a new phase in your life, there is no better place. Because you’re completely out of your normal daily rhythm. That starts with the trek, rocked on a camel’s back. And then there is the silence, nature, the stars and the campfire with its stories. You are completely without distraction. It can be a challenging, but also liberating experience. When you get out of the desert, you know exactly what you want to do differently in your life.


The dates on which the trip will take place will be announced shortly. The group is between 6 and 12 participants.


Sacred Time are Nynke Vos, Jeroen Vermeer and Annemieke Verhoeff. Trained at the Rites of Passage Institute and the Bert Hellinger Institute, they are qualified to guide you and the group through the different phases belonging to a Rite of Passage. In an accessible, clear and safe way.

Nynke Vos
+31 (0)6 42 12 66 69

The team

Who will be your guides in the desert?


For years I have been coaching young people growing from child to adolescent, but not yet becoming fully adult. I love the chaos that distinguishes this phase. The not knowing, the not yet ‘being’ and not yet having any idea what you’re going to be. Unconsciously I was already working with a lot of rituals. They helped to anchor and mark where children were, which made their transition easier and calmer. In 2018 I came into contact with the Rite of Passage work and everything fell into place. It is a powerful framework that gives space and form to transformation, a process that I love to guide.

Annemieke Verhoeff

I am fascinated by learning and development, human nature and the challenges of our western culture. As a leadership coach I work with people and teams who are going through change and are bringing something new into the world. I work with them by creating a safe space, in which connection, awareness and growth arise by themselves. In 2018 I discovered, with Nynke, the work of the Rites of Passage institute and experienced what this did for me as an adult. Despite a path full of exploration and reflection, this experience offered me something new – something I didn’t know how much I had missed. It helped me to see my place more clearly and allowed me to integrate earlier moments of transition, such as moving from illness to health. The naturalness of nature, delay and rituals – combined with a beautifully guided and powerful process, which gives you a basis for healthy adult development.

Jeroen Vermeer

I’m such a typical example of someone who has already been through some transformations in life, but never really thought about it. Always on and on, and on and on. I always knew it could be done differently, but yes, doing it differently is easier said than done. I wish that you could (and would dare!) to stand still and recognise the changes that occur in your life. In my work I focus on increasing people’s capacity for change. A rite of passage ritual fits so beautifully in this picture that I would heartily recommend it for any leadership team. I am very much looking forward to accompanying Annemieke and Nynke on this journey, and as father of my three beautiful children I hope to pass this process on to them as soon as they are ready.

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