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Circle talk

Stories give information, can give meaning and help heal. It is our oldest way of learning. By sharing and listening to each other’s stories we experience that we are never alone in anything. Sharing stories is an exercise in empathy and creating connection.

With Circle Talk we give storytelling sessions of 2 to 3 hours based on a question or a theme.

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Sacred Time: Essential leadership

A 3 day leadership training with transformation process for the leader of today & the future.

In today’s times of change, becoming comfortable with transformation is of great importance. Waking up your muscles so you can deal with the uncertainty of these times with courage and decisiveness is what you will experience in this training. Experiencing a transformation process yourself, according to the steps of a Rite of Passage, gives you the ability to take on and guide change in your organization with more certainty and confidence.

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Sacred Time: Reboot & reconnect

A transformative 3 day training in which you stand still and look at your life and your potential.

What do you serve and what don’t you serve? What is there to let go of, so that with all your talent and potential you can move on to the next phase of your life? What are your unique qualities and talents?

We will take you through the steps of the Rite of Passage method that guides you through your own transformation process in which you can let go of the old and fully embrace the new.

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